Soccer Games That You Should Play on Your Smartphone

Although soccer leagues are still put on hold around the world, you can still have the excitement with your smartphone. Although not all mobile games have realistic gameplay and beautiful graphics, they are still fun to play, at least for a while. Here are soccer games that you may install:

  • Stickman Soccer 3D: Stickman Soccer 3D is an arcade soccer game that gives you plenty of fun. All players in the game are stickmen and you can customize your team based on specific characteristics. Controls are simple and the gameplay is fast paced. If you want something that’s quick to enjoy and pick up, Stickman Soccer 3D is really fun to play.
  • eFootball PES 2020: PES is a popular soccer game franchise in the gaming industry and it’s a direct competitor to FIFA soccer titles. The game offers realistic player movement and console-like experience. The lighting and stadium design look realistic with graphics based on Unreal Engine. There are many popular soccer players in the game, including the legendary Maradona.
  • Soccer Cup 2020: It offers realistic player movements and graphics, although ball mechanics feel slightly odd. Be aware that the game has steeper learning curve, but it comes with an expensive tutorial. Because the game is free, you need to watch ads before playing a match, so you need to be patient. The game doesn’t have license to include real-life players, so be prepared to meet Ronalde and Massi.
  • Score! Hero: Soccer! Hero puts you directly right in the most exciting part of soccer game: scoring a goal! The game gives you more than 700 challenges from regular corner shot to complex offensive combinations. You start from trivial challenges to almost impossible ones. The accuracy of your gameplay depends on your inputs and quick decisions.
  • FIFA Soccer: Along with PES, FIFA Soccer is very well known among soccer fans. A big appeal of the game is the inclusion of all real teams and players, so you won’t find any intentional misspelling of names. The game is about acquiring better players to increase your chance of winning. You can try different strategies and it’s fun to directly control the game.
  • Extreme Football: Unlike most soccer games, you only control a single player in the team, while the rest of players are AI. You can choose the number of players in each team and you can play against human players through matchmaking. The game doesn’t have too many rules and you can just play immediately.
  • Dream League Soccer 2020: It offers a more traditional approach compared to other games. The game has the license to include real life players, so it should improve the overall experience. The movements in the game are realistic and fluid, allowing to do impressive finishing strikes and some nifty moves. After playing a few matches, you should get the hang of it.
  • Football Strike: Download this game if you want to quickly feel the heat of the moment. You can do many challenges, including target shooting or penalty kick-off. The game is fun and very engaging. If you have a few minutes to kill, Football Strike is an enjoyable game to play.