Zen Lounge – The Meditation App for Stress Relief and Relaxation        


Meditation sounds simple enough — find a quiet place, cross your legs, and breathe. But if you’ve ever tried it, you probably know that it’s not as easy. That’s where meditation apps come in. They’re like a little guru in your pocket, guiding you into a state of Zen. We looked and we have to offer a life changing meditation app for stress relief and relaxation. Read and learn more about Zen Lounge.


What is Zen Lounge?

Zen Lounge is a great meditation app that is developed for IOS users, easy to use with clean user-friendly interface. This app can help in relieving stress, depression, feelings of anxiety and improve your mental well-being by listening to relaxing meditation sounds. It can assist you in getting rid of the negativity in your life and unlock new levels of self-awareness, focus, and stress relief.


Why Do We Love It?

This app with variety of relaxing meditation sounds to help you get the relief from all the negativity surrounding your mind, body, and soul. With guided rounds you can learn to pick what best fits your stress-relief profile and track your performance. A huge library of anti-depression sounds and white noise sleep music can help in getting rid of malicious vibes and find relief from anxiety and insomnia.

Choose from different mental health categories to find the stress-relief you are looking for. Intuitive user controls can help in mixing and matching the mental health melody with selected sounds, setting a timer manually to adjust the meditation duration. Rank your way in Zen levels, track your mental health performance and record your daily progress so you can attain better levels of relaxation and calm with the innovative performance tracker and reward system. Suitable for beginners, intermediates and pros and it’s available in multiple languages.

Download the app now on App Store to get relief from all the negativity in your mind, body, and soul!

Official Website: Zen Lounge

App Store Download Link: Zen Lounge