Linguistic – Learn Languages with the Help of Native Speakers


Language learning nowadays can be easily done with the right language learning app for your smartphone. Variety of these apps are developed and that’s why we looked and came across one amazing learning app that offers you to learn a foreign language by connecting and chatting with real native speakers. Read and learn more about Linguistic.


What is Linguistic?

Linguistic is an amazing language learning app that is developed for IOS users, super easy to use and very effective for learning foreign languages. This app offers a user-friendly interface and all you need to do is to simply tap, chat with real native speakers, and learn. It’s the fastest way for you to learn a foreign language through conversations with handpicked native speakers.


Why Do We Love It?

This app offers variety of features to make your language learning super simple and fast. On this app you get to request conversations with up to five native speakers or fellow learners every week and the app will automatically pair you using the top-secret matching algorithm. Each conversation lasts for a week before it’s gone for good. You can un-match with partners at any time if you want.

If you have problems understanding any word or phrase your partner typed, just tap on the message and press ‘’Learn’’ to view a comprehensive breakdown of each word and its definition. Your conversations are analyzed by the system that begins to infer your proficiency in the language you’re automatically learning. Receive an updated report on a weekly basis of your latest conversation proficiency, broken down by key metrics like readability, vocabulary, and word diversity. Compare metrics with the ones of real native speakers to see how you stack up over time.

Download the app now on App Store to learn a foreign language with the help of native speakers!


App Store Download Link: Linguistic