Yoa – Create a Video Game in Minutes


There are so many different video apps available now for your smartphone, anything you can think of can be easily done with the right video app. If you want to try and create your own video game in just a few seconds by using short videos of your choice, we looked and we found the right video app for these purposes. Read and learn more about Yoa.


What is Yoa?

Yoa is a cool video app that is developed for IOS users. With the help of this app you will be able to create a video game in minutes using short videos of your choice. Decide where to go or what to do just as you do in a video game. Discover stories by other creators worldwide and share your stories with others. Have fun with this app that offers an interactive game-like experience.


Why Do We Love It?

This app offers limitless possibilities. Just use your imagination to create. Yoa doesn’t’ limit your options and you can share links to your social media, your online store, your favorite pizza place, your secret lair or any place you can think of.

In just seconds, create your first interactive and engaging video and share it with anyone you want, choosing your own adventure and make decisions what happens in it. On this app you get interact with places, animals, people and objects, choosing where to go, trying different paths and more. Not only that you can create and share but you can also meet other creators all over the world and experience their video creations.

Download the app now on App Store create an interactive video game in minutes!

App Store Download Link: Yoa