Parent Sense – Advanced Baby Tracker and Planner


You’ll most likely spend the first few months of your baby’s life worrying (just a bit!) over her health. Was that hiccup normal? Should she be eating this much? How much sleep does she really need? Luckily, keeping detailed notes of our kids’ health has never been easier. Just download one app to keep everything in check for you. We have the right app for you. Read more about Parent Sense.


What is Parent Sense?

Parent Sense is an advanced baby tracker and baby planner that is developed for IOS users, designed for all parents that like to make every step of their baby’s development enjoyable. Easy to use and really efficient, this app can guide your baby into a flexible feed and sleep routine. Get all the knowledge, tools, and guide books inside one app, in your pocket at all times.


Why Do We Love It?

This app helps you get a daily baby routine based on your baby’s age, prematurity, feeding method and wake up time with all parenting tips to craft the perfect baby routine. Get a weekly summary of the feeding, sleep, health and milestone outcomes so you know what to expect at every stage of the development of your baby. Developmental outcomes for the week are given to parents with daily routines about the sleep times, feed times and what to feed.

Track the sleep cycles of the baby daily to get a clear view of any changing sleep habits. The feeding tracker and parenting guide offer you help in what and when to feed your baby with details of times, what to offer for balanced nutrition, quantities and more. Track the vaccination and weight of the baby and get notified for upcoming vaccines with health tips on a weekly basis. Know what to expect developmentally at each stage. The app will take away the guesswork of your baby’s care.

Download the app now on App Store to track your baby’s development at each stage!

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