Serw – Instant Video Calls with Experts Worldwide

Looking for a simple way to connect with professionals from an industry you are in need to solve any problem you have without wasting much of your time? Nowadays, you can use an app for that purpose. To make the search easier, we looked and came across one amazing app that will connect you on video calls with experts from diverse industries. Read more about Serw.


What is Serw?

Serw is a business app that is developed for IOS users, designed especially for people that would like to have a video call with an expert from diverse industries in just a few minutes. The app is super easy to use and it offers a clean user-friendly interface, allowing experts to provide their services to clients through a real time video call, on demand, from anywhere in the world, directly on smartphones.


Why Do We Love It?

This app allows customers to have a video call with a professional that offers services they are looking for through a one to one video call.  Professionals from diverse categories can be discovered by customers around the world. Just search for the service you need within the app. All Serw’s experts are equipped with dedicate web applications to manage their consultations, making each interaction with clients frictionless.

All you need to is select a suitable expert from the list and send a request asking for a session and the expert you chose will contact you within minutes. When you are done with a sessions, you can leave your rating and review about the session and the expert you video called with to help other users in their search.  Search for an expert to solve a problem, to help you learn something new quickly, to get an advice, or just have a consultation. Request to be a Serw expert and provide your services to clients. The payment services are guaranteeing safe transactions.

Download the app on App Store to have video calls with experts worldwide!

Official Website: Serw

App Store Download Link: Serw