These iPhone Apps Will Help You Build Your Personal Brand

For those working in the professional world, the idea of a personal brand has gained real traction. The concept is that, just as companies develop their branding to make them top-of-mind, you can build your reputation in your own field. Then, when companies are looking to hire or partner with industry experts, they will think of you or find you online.

There are some excellent iPhone apps that will help you build and maintain your personal brand. Try the following.

Medium and LinkedIn

Medium is a platform that many industry experts use to build their personal brands. It gives you a platform to write longform articles and share them with other movers in your field. They can share your article with others, engage in discussion, and follow your profile. Well-written articles will position you as a thought leader – a professional who leads the conversation, rather than simply participating in the discussion. Having the Medium app on your smartphone gives you the opportunity to engage at the right times, ensuring that you capitalize on the success of your ideas.

LinkedIn can be used for a similar function. However, with LinkedIn, there is a bigger emphasis on your profile and the profile of your company. With the LinkedIn app on your phone, you can share your thoughts at all times of the day and connect with others who are instrumental in your industry.

Wix and Google Analytics

If you really want your personal brand to grow, you need to have a website you consistently update. This means that you need control over your website no matter where you are. Wix is a web building platform that comes with a particularly worthwhile mobile app. You can do a lot of work on your website from the app, or post blogs when an idea occurs to you.

Having Google Analytics on your phone allows you to see where your visitors are from, letting you engage on a personal level. Instead of catering to everyone all the time, you can change how you engage based on demographics and location.

There are other great website tools to improve your personal brand. Consider using a hosting reseller to provide your own personalized web hosting. This hosting will be under your domain name, but will be run and facilitated by the hosting company.


One of the most useful tools for personal and professional branding is images, whether photos, diagrams, or infographics. Canva is the best app for this purpose. It provides a range of images, templates, and creation tools, so that you can create attractive and effective images on the go.

These images will represent who you are and what you’re thinking. They can help you express ideas or market products or services. They will help you engage with others in a simple and efficient way. Images can say a lot more than text while taking up much less space.

Personal branding is crucial in 2020. You are your greatest asset, and you need to work to build how people see you. With the right personal branding apps, you can stay in control of your branding at all times.