Beta Version of The Elder Scrolls: Blades is Available for iOS and Android

If you have been waiting for The Elder Scrolls: Blade, the beta version of the game is finally available for iOS and Android devices. You can start your adventure in the realm of Tamriel and those who play this early access version will be getting a couple of special rewards, the large Emblem decoration and 150 gems. There will also be rewards for players who climb up the rank of Arena leaderboard. There’s also the Guild leaderboard to inform players about the position of the Guild compared to the competition. The beta version of The Elder Scrolls: Blade is version 1.7 and it brings a new questline, including the PvP Arena mode for Blades. There are also six other quests designed for beginner and advanced players. The version also comes with a bucketload of bug fixes and changes to sound effects. For iOS devices, the game won’t be compatible with iPhone 6 Plus or older. It also won’t work with the original iPad Air and iPad Mini 3 or older. For Android devices, The Elder Scrolls: Blades should be playable on any mid-range and high-end models. However, it doesn’t work for a few models like Moto Z3 Play, Moto Z2 Play and HTC U11 Life.

The Elder Scroll: Blades should be a great interim title as we are waiting for the real sequel, the Elder Scrolls VI, which could still be years away. In this game, you play as the member of the Blades who returns home and finds that everything was on fire. You will try to get to the bottom of the current chaos. You need complete quests for the NPCs, like killing monsters and collecting resources. By completing these quests, you could develop your town and you can speed up the process by buying gems. You can earn gems by completing missions. There are also limited-time items that you can use to decorate the town, so it will look prettier. With the latest updates, we get more content and developers have also take our suggestions into consideration.

Unlike many other RPGs for mobile devices, the game is based on a rich and in-depth lore, so the environment will much enjoyable. If you are familiar with the background story of the Elder Scrolls universe, the Blades should be a fun to play. One issue about this game is the repetitiveness of the environments and experience. However, it is still fun to play. It should be nice to play in short spurts, although it tends to drag in longer sessions when you are doing multiple sessions. However, if you are tired fighting skeletons and giant spiders, you can try the Arena mode. In this mode, you will challenge other players and you need to master the art of blocking. Because the Elder Scrolls: Blade is an always-online game, it should take no time to find other players.

Obviously, you won’t get an authentic experience of Elder Scrolls, but it is still an enjoyable casual mobile spin-off. Compared to other free to play RPGs titles, this game shouldn’t be the worst thing that you can install to your device.