What Tech Tools Are Useful for Managing COVID-19?

Is your business being disrupted by the pandemic of COVID-19? Chances are, the answer is yes, just as it is for thousands of other businesses across the country. 

COVID-19 has ravaged the economy by reducing how much people spend and what they’re spending it on. It has also caused many businesses to go digital or temporarily close while COVID-19 runs its course.

With this in mind, you’ve likely experienced financial losses related to coronavirus. In response to this, you may have changed how you do business to still generate income during strained circumstances.

One powerful technique to help you stay productive is the implementation of tech tools and software. We’ll point out a few that you should be using to keep your employees moving and demand high. 

Communication Tools

The first thing you should be using is a tool for communication

Without precise communication, no one on your team will be on the same page. This can lead to miscommunication, errors, and redundancy as information is missed. 

Communication is vital for ensuring that everyone on your team knows exactly what is going on, which will improve overall workflow.

You can keep your team connected while working remotely by implementing communication tools. From Asana and Slack to other online messaging platforms, plenty of options are out there. You simply need to find one that suits how you wish to communicate.

Communication tools can also improve the effectiveness of meetings and discussions by encouraging engagement. When you give everyone the ability to take part in the conversation, your team will continue to work well despite being separated by physical distance. 

Also, communication tools will give your employees somewhere to turn if they find themselves stuck or with a question. Instead of trying to figure it out alone, they’ll know that they can seek the support of their team through the communication tool they’ll have at their disposal. 

Collaboration Software

If simply communicating isn’t enough, then you may be better off with collaboration software

Your employees may need to work together in ways that go beyond exchanging verbal information. Without collaborative tools, it can be difficult to do this because you are not digitally connected. 

Collaboration software simplifies the process of exchanging information between employees by creating a central location to work from. This allows all team members to add to, edit, or eliminate a document or project simultaneously to anyone else on the team. 

There are a few different options when it comes to collaborative tools. Atlassian, which is one of the most popular software providers, has started giving free access to teams in need of a collaborative cloud during coronavirus.

Atlassian has also offered paid subscriptions to Trello, which is another collaborative option that simplifies task and project assignment. A few other collaboration tools include Intermedia, 8X8, and Windstream. 

Not only does it allow for better communication, but collaboration software also increases productivity levels. This makes it an excellent addition to your work-from-home team that will remain useful after the pandemic fades. 

Marketing Strategies

You’ll also want to implement marketing strategy tools.

Now that people are being asked to stay home, most communication and interactions are done online. This includes business meetings, online shopping, and even video-conferencing interactions that would typically be done face-to-face. 

To connect with others during coronavirus, you have to market yourself on the internet in a way that allows you to reach your target audience. The best way to ensure you are connecting with the right people is by creating a solid digital marketing plan. 

Ask skilled members of your team to allocate time to work on a digital marketing campaign tailored to your company. Your business needs to perfect its digital marketing skills to capitalize on the perfect opportunity in front of you. 

It’s an ideal time for businesses to secure their online presence, grow their following, and generate awareness about their company. With a solid content marketing strategy in place, your company will be able to flourish online during this pandemic. 

Social Media Management

With plenty of online traffic rolling in, you’ll also want social media management to easily keep tabs on all platforms. 

Once you have figured out what your content marketing strategies will be, use them to grow your online platforms. 

With most people staying home and scrolling on their phones during their free time, social media use is at a high. As a company, you can capitalize on the spike in social media usage by implementing social media marketing strategies. 

Make a plan that your company can stick to. Is there a certain upload time that you can commit to every single day? Can you assign someone the task of creating the content ahead of time? 

Better yet, find a tool that automates this for you. Nothing is more reliable than automated management because it always delivers on-time. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by social media, especially during a pandemic. However, automation and streamlined social media management will ease your burden. The more organized you are, the better you’ll be at growing your social media platforms. 

Wellness Promotion

The last tech tool category that you can take advantage of is software and programs that work toward wellness promotion

Many people are used to working out at the gym to keep their mental health in check, but most gyms are now closed indefinitely. 

Without the gym, many people don’t have an outlet that helps them relieve stress. Fortunately, your business can help to promote the mental wellness of your employees in several ways. 

Many apps exist that focus on cognitive agility and overall mental well being. For example, an app called Headspace guides people through short meditation exercises to calm their minds and keep them sharp. 

Another app, Breathe, gently interrupts your day to encourage you to take a break and breathe deeply before resuming your work. It is available on most Apple devices. 

When you ensure that your employees are doing well mentally, you’ll end up boosting their morale and increasing their productivity levels. Coronavirus is affecting everyone’s mental state, so prioritizing mental wellness will help uplift your employees. 

Closing Thoughts

COVID-19 has severely changed how most companies operate. You must be adaptable to survive the financial losses associated with coronavirus.

To do this, you should take advantage of any resources available to you. Tech tools are one notable benefit that you should be using.

A few tech implementations that will help your business include communication tools, collaboration software, marketing strategies, social media management, and wellness promotion software.

While times are certainly tough, your business can endure if you’re smart about preserving what works. Use tech tools to keep your business strong, connected, and efficient. 

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