Conceal Friendly Helps Legal Gun Owners Find Gun-Friendly Places Nearby


Carrying your legally owned gun for safety purposes shouldn’t be a problem. However, in many cases there will be places that are not gun-friendly and you can be asked to leave the place or will not be allowed to enter at all. Here is where Conceal Friendly, the app will cover today can be of great help.


Conceal Friendly is a location & community-based app that gives information about nearby places and whether they are conceal carry friendly. The app helps users to conceal carry within legal limits in places that are gun-friendly. The app can be of extreme help to avoid frustrating situations when legal conceal guns are not welcomed.

Give Votes Yourself

Once you sign up via Google or Facebook, and subscribe (only $0.99 a month), you can start using the app. It will display nearby places and when you tap on a certain place you can see if it is Carry-Friendly or a Gun-Free Zone. If the place is carry-friendly and you want to visit it, you can get directions within the app.

As a user you can also give votes for places you’ve been and know that are carry-friendly or not. Voting is simple and other users of the app will see your vote. Additionally, you may earn 1-year membership to USCCA Elite and other rewards. If you are interested, you may try the app for free on their website, Google Play or here for Apple users.