Block Champz – Addictive and Competitive Block Puzzle Game


There are tons of different type of puzzle games developed for our smartphones, to play on the go. If you are looking for a more interesting puzzle game, where you get to compete against others, test your skills and win big prizes for your achievements, we found the right block puzzle game for all puzzle lovers. Read more about Block Champz.


What is Block Champz?

Block Champz is one fun and addictive block puzzle game that is developed for IOS users. Built on Skillz, this game offers you the chance to compete against real people around the world and win big real world prizes for your achievements. It’s a lot like Tetris but you drags the blocks to the board to fill the rows and explode them to score.


Why Do We Love It?

This game will test your strategic skills. Drag the blocks and fill the rows to explode them. Use bombs to clear rows and when you score combos you get scores. Each game is timed at 1:00 but you can win back time to play longer by clearing rows and scoring combos.

Streak bonuses are given for clearing multiple rows and combo bonuses by clearing both vertical and horizontal rows at the same time. Play against real people, in head-to-head or big multiplayer tournaments. The player with the most scores, wins the game. Leaderboards, trophies, cash and other virtual currency prizes are available as well an amazing loyalty program.

Download the game now on App Store to play, score, and compete for amazing real prizes!

App Store Download Link: Block Champz