Platonic Opaline – Creative and Unique Puzzle Game 


Puzzle games are certainly one of the most played popular genre of games nowadays on smartphones. This type of game will put your mind to work and push your limits. That’s why we looked for a puzzle game that offers unique and creative gameplay and we came across one puzzle game that offers all that and more. Read and learn more about Platonic Opaline.


What is Platonic Opaline?

Platonic Opaline is a unique and creative puzzle game that is developed for IOS users. It’ a great choice for puzzlers that like jigsaw puzzles and want to challenge their mind and skills. In this game you are offered gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds as you strive to piece the geometric shapes together in order and complete the final solid so you can marvel at your work.


Why Do We Love It?

This game offers you the ability to interact with colorful 3D fragments, rotating them and selecting them through a touchscreen-friendly interface. Your task is to place the shapes together efficiently in the right order to complete the final solid. Endless variety of challenges are available as the puzzles are generated on-the-fly. Before starting, you can check out the step-by-step interactive tutorial.

Touch to drag the piece in the center and rotate it to fit the central shape and tap to place it on. The puzzle is finished when all pieces are placed. You can remove a piece by tapping on it twice. In 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard you can choose the number of pieces in each puzzle as well as the puzzle shape.

Download the game now on App Store to put the pieces together in order to solve the puzzle!

Official Website: Platonic Opaline

App Store Download Link: Platonic Opaline