Slash or Burn – Fight to Defeat the Bad Guys


Action games are certainly one of the most popular games played on smartphones. If you are looking for an action game with a thrilling and adventurous gameplay where you will put your skills on the test by fighting bad guys, we discovered one great sword fighting game that all action lovers would enjoy. Read more about Slash or Burn.


What is Slash or Burn?

Slash or Burn is one thrilling sword fighting game that is developed for IOS users, with stunning 3D animated details and cool sound effects. This action game will put your fighting skills on the test as you go on your adventure in the Dungeons of fire, to battle and defeat all the enemies on the way. You need to react fast and try to defeat the bad guys to become the ultimate fighter of the game.


Why Do We Love It?

This game offers variety of features as well as an addictive challenging gameplay. You can choose between 4 player characters to fight for you as well as 6 bad guys to battle against. Get through battles as a winner and as you progress you get to unlock new powerful weapons to help you out in later levels.

Dispatch each of the bad guys and advance through all 10 levels offered by Slash or Burn. It will become more challenging to defeat your enemies as you progress further. Be careful and stay away from the flames. The game offers 3 different shields to help you protect yourself from the bad guys’ weapons.

Download the game now on App Store to fight and defeat the bad guys!

App Store Download Link: Slash or Burn