Best Open World Games for Android and iOS

Open world games are really exciting, because they give us so much freedom in completing the game. These games also often have multiple ending, making it fun to be what we want. It’s quite impressive how our mobile devices could support open world games, because running a massive 3D world requires significant resources. Here are some of the open world games that you should play on your mobile devices:

  • Nimian Legends: BrightRidge ($3.99): In this game, you can explore a world with its amazing variety and richness. You can freely explore the world and the landscapes are breath-taking. The story mode allows you to explore the wonderful world of Bright Ridge and you will be pitted against challenging enemies. For most players, they can get gameplay style that suit their preferences.
  • MadOut2 BigCityOnline (Free): It’s a combination of Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto located in Russia. You start from a simple Lada and try to convert into a real racing monster. There are a hundred of players in each map, so you need to compete with them to win. For racing game lovers, MadOut2 is both exciting and hilariously entertaining. You can have many hours of exciting playtime.
  • Off the Road (Free): This game takes typical racing title to an entirely level. You can control many types of vehicles, including helicopters, trains and boats. You can even drive trucks and harvesters. There are many challenges that you can play in this game. The game looks quite nice with realistic tire pressure and mud mechanics. You can’t go wrong with Off the Road if you are craving for a fun off-road mobile game.
  • Second Galaxy (Free): It’s a free game for people who enjoy having space exploration. You can go to many star systems in the game and the universe looks enormous. You can become a true inner-galaxy explorer, just like Han Solo in Star Wars movies. For any sci-fi geek, the Second Galaxy is a really exciting game to play and it feels like you are in a space opera TV show.
  • Tempest Pirate Action RPG ($7.99): If you enjoy a sea voyage and pirate game, the Tempest Pirate Action RPG is fun to play. You can start by hiring a crew and customizing your ship. You can complete missions by fighting mythical beasts. The water and ships incredible in this game. You can steer your ship and aim your cannons to conquer and plunder the bounty.
  • Dragon Raja (Free): Dragon Raja is a visually impressive MMORPG with Unreal 4 engine and anime styles. Be aware that the installation is quite large and you need about 6GB of free space to play the game. You can choose four classes and perform various customizations on your character. You can explore that diverse and stunning world of Dragon Raja. There are many quests to complete and you can fight against other human players in PvP battles. If PvP battles are still too tough, you can roam first to kill monsters and gain more experience to make your character more powerful.