Jumpy Candy – Super Exciting Candy Jump Game


For all players that enjoy playing casual jump games on their smartphone, there are hundreds of games available for your smartphone. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet in the same time will push you to react fast in order to win your high scores. That’s why we looked and discovered one super fun candy jump game you need to try. Read more about Jumpy Candy.


What is Jumpy Candy?

Jumpy Candy is a super exciting and fun candy jump game that is developed for IOS users, easy to play and yet challenging enough to put your reactions on the test. It offers stunning design, cool sounds and addictive gameplay where you get to tap and jump to get through the rotating circles safely and collect all the fruits and sweets on the way up.


Why Do We Love It?

This candy tap jumper game has a simple fast-paced gameplay and variety of features to get you hooked to playing fast. Just tap on the screen to jump and get the candy through the rotating circles, collecting the fruits on the way. Be careful not to touch the rotating candy bomb around the circle to keep your candy safe.

The fruits you collect can be used in the game’s shop for getting new cooler jumping candies to play with. To test you, the game offers 3 difficulties, the easy, medium and hard difficulty. As you play and progress the candy bombs start to move faster around the circles making it challenging to get the candy through safely. Try to keep the candy safe and jumping as long as possible, collecting all the fruits to score high. Share your best scores with friends.

Download the game now on App Store to tap and jump to get the candy going through the circles!

App Store Download Link: Jumpy Candy