DoDoe Is the Perfect Project-Based Virtual Meeting & Collaboration App

If you’re moving your workflow from the office to a remote workspace, the collaborative project management, collaboration and virtual meetings app we will cover today will be of great help. DoDoe was recently launched on the App Store and Google Play and it provides one of the best virtual meeting and remote project management features we’ve seen in an app.

DoDoe – the simple virtual project management, collaboration & conference app

DoDoe is a project based virtual meeting app that also gives additional features for project management like file sharing and expenses overview for particular tasks. Made for project managers, remote workers and team collaboration, DoDoe is available for iOS & Android.

Simple, Neat, Intuitive & Convenient

Once you sign up, DoDoe will lead you to the main intuitive screen. From then on you can add a project and you can either join or create a project. Once you create a project you can go to the main dashboard and assign tasks, add team members, add files, add expenses, start video conference call or personal chat.

The dashboard is also where you monitor all activity related to a project. The great thing is that all files uploaded are kept in a separate “Items” category allowing you easy overview.

The app is fast, lightweight, your so powerful. If you are not satisfied with your existing project management or video conference app, DoDoe is a must-try. Especially since it is free.