Motorola Edge Plus Review

Motorola Edge Plus is a smartphone that’s designed to strike a good balance between various features. Here are a few things to know about Motorola’s new device:

Design and size
Compared to other smartphone models, the Motorola Edge Plus seems narrower. Despite being a phone with 6.7-inch display, it is quite easy to hold with just a single hand. However, it also means that this phone becomes extra tall and it may stick out of your pocket. It may mean that the Edge Plus could fall off your pocket accidentally or become an easy target for pick-pockets.

The curves and slopes of the display is quite interesting. The edge of the display falls like a waterfall. In fact, we may consider that Motorola takes the idea of curved screen to the extreme. Motorola has implemented a kind of rejection feature for accidental touches and it should be convenient. The 6.7-inch OLED display looks sharp and detailed with 1080p resolution. There are multiple colour modes, including the neutral and boosted modes. Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the 90Hz refresh rate, so it will look great for playing games. However, you can return to the 60Hz refresh rate if you want to improve battery life. You should use 90Hz only for playing games, not for web browsing or communicating with instant messaging.

Internal hardware
The Motorola Edge Plus is essentially a high-end device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, 12GB of RAM, Adreno 650 GPU and 256GB of internal storage. It is very clear that the Edge Plus is a highly capable smartphone and it should be capable of handling any kind of app.

The photography capabilities of Motorola Edge Plus further confirms that status as a high-end model with 108Mp primary camera with IOS, 16Mp ultra-wide camera, 8Mp telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, a sensor to measure depth and 25Mp selfie camera at the front. These cameras are capable of recording up to 6k videos that look crisp, but forewarned that they will consume gigabytes of storage space in a short time.

The Motorola Edge Plus comes with an impressive 5,000mAh battery that allows you to keep the device running for nearly 12 hours for non-stop web browsing.

The Edge Plus is very capable and it should be a joy to use for many people with good photography features and insane battery life. The clean Android 10 interface isn’t cluttered with bloatware and the massive 256GB internal storage should be usable for many purposes, including installing dozens of apps and recording high resolution videos. With its booming loudspeaker, the phone should be an excellent value for the money. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider before choosing this phone. First of all, the Motorola Edge Plus is quite tall and it could be a bit comfortable in your pocket. The 18W charging brick is somewhat inadequate to fill up the 5,000mAh battery and it takes about three hours to fully charge. For some people, the curvy screen should appear appealing, but could be unappealing for people who prefer flat display.