Deadshot is a New Action 2D Shooter Puzzle

Deadshot was released two days ago. If you are fan of the ricochet puzzle shooting genre, you’ll love this newly released game.


Deadshot is a 2D bullet gun game which is easy to play, mind-teasing and thrilling. With simple aim and shoot controls, Deadshot offers a challenging bullet shooter gameplay with sharp graphics and sounds. You need to aim precisely and shoot to kill the enemies to solve each bullet puzzle and become the bullet master.

Fun Levels & Exciting Achievements

Deadshot will challenge your skills as you try to get a clear shot of your enemies and aim precisely to kill them in order to solve the puzzle and progress. However, watch out you have limited number of bullets to use for each puzzle. When the target is hidden between objects you have to ricochet your bullets to create precise shots using the bullet arrow to anticipate the target.

Each level has different requirements, and it will your shooting and puzzle solving skills to real test. Note that every new level is harder than the one before with more objects between you and the enemy that you get to use in your advantage. Additionally, the less bullets you use and faster you kill the enemies, more stars will be given to you for your achievements.

So how long can you go in this shooting puzzle? Shoot and kill the enemies to solve the bullet puzzles and become ultimate gun shooter spy of this game. Try it for free.