On Equation – Useful Finance Calculator


With todays’ crop of finance apps, your financial issues can be easily solved. These apps are constantly being developed, for many different purposes, helping you out access more opportunities and boosting your financial situations. That’s why we looked and came across one useful finance calculator to help you solve your financial equation problems with ease. Read more about On Equation.


What is On Equation?

On Equation is a useful finance calculator that is developed for IOS users, designed to add simplicity to complex financial valuation equations and analyze sensitivity, removing the need for old-fashioned finance calculators and spreadsheets. The calculator comes with preprogrammed formulas for all your financial valuation needs with information and recourses on the formulas available on the app.


Why Do We Love It?

The app offers variety of finance and valuation formulas at your disposal. With a clean, user-friendly interface to make the calculation a lot easier, access preprogrammed formulas to make math easier. Just input your variables and press the equals button for the answer.

Every equation has more information available on an info modal with a link to the online recourse pages. When you need a formula that is not available you can request it. New formulas are regularly added for all your finance calculation needs. Use the app’s menu or search to discover finance, bonds and shares, effective annual rates and much more.

Download the app now on App Store for a variety of finance and valuation formulas at your disposal!

App Store Download Link: On Equation