Parkour Jumping Race – Fun 3D Roof Runner Game


For all players that enjoy playing running games there are hundreds of games available for your smartphone. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet at the same time will push your limits and test your skills. We looked and found one fun and thrilling runner game that offers all of this and much more. Read more about Parkour Jumping Race.


What is Parkour Jumping Race?

Parkour Jumping Race is an easy to play and fun 3D roof runner game that is developed for IOS users with simple and responsive obstacle course game layout, appealing game design and interactive sound for a thrilling action. The game will test your running and jumping skills as you try to overcome the obstacles and complete the impossible parkour run.


Why Do We Love It?

The 3D roof runner game will polish your racing and jump skills, pushing your limits with abrupt challenges, traps, many obstacles and multiple players to compete with. Swipe to start playing, run and jump in the parkour race overcoming the obstacles. Swipe left and right to change the direction and act quickly to get pass the traps.

Automatic roof jumping and wall climbing action to enjoy while you compete against other players to secure first position. Get the first position and earn the game bonus. Enjoy big loots and change your parkour outfit as well as the trail color as you progress. The game progress and your position in the race can be viewed. Try your best not to fall and lose the level. Jump and run, getting ahead of the competition and winning the first place as the winner of the game.

Download the game now on App Store to run, jump, and compete in the thrilling race!

Official Website: Parkour Jumping Race

App Store Download Link: Parkour Jumping Race