Theme Solitaire – The Solitaire Card Game for All Ages


Card games are one of the most popular games even before the development of smartphones. They work anywhere and everywhere, they’re small enough to fit into a bag for travel, and nowadays there are many of these games available for your phones. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to one super fun solitaire card game for all ages. Read more about Theme Solitaire.


What is Theme Solitaire?

Theme Solitaire is one super fun solitaire card game that is developed for IOS users, designed for all ages. With a unique theme tower building system, easy to play gameplay, you can have fun playing cards and building your own tower at the same time. With sharp graphics and cool sounds, you will be able to play solitaire, collect resources and build your theme tower with it.


Why Do We Love It?

This solitaire card game is offering you variety of features that will get you hooked to playing on your first try. Play and enjoy your favorite fairy tale characters from your childhood like Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio and more that will cheer you up on the solitaire journey.

The game has room decoration system that allows you to choose props, characters and the interior for the stunning rooms to build your magnificent unique tower. A wide selection of entertaining content to enjoy are offered such as bonus games, mini games and variety of collectibles to gather for your tower. Play solitaire, build your tower, and earn rewards in this game.

Download the game now on App Store to have fun playing solitaire and building your tower!

App Store Download Link: Theme Solitaire