Megabot Battle Arena – Chaotic Robot Building and Fighting Game

Fighting games are certainly one of the most popular games played on smartphones. If you are looking for this type of game with a thrilling and chaotic gameplay where you will put your skills on the test while you build cool robots and fight against opponent’s machines, we looked and we have the right game for you. Read and learn more about Megabot Battle Arena.


What is Megabot Battle Arena?

Megabot Battle Arena is an intense and chaotic robot building and robot fighting game that is developed for IOS users. With high-quality 3D graphics and cool physics gameplay, the game allows you to enroll in a battle style robot fighting and claim the championship title. Build your own destructive robot fighter and destroy the opponent’s fighting machine in the arena to win the game.


Why Do We Love It?

The game offers you the chance to prepare your robot fighting machine for the battle arena by building intuitively a robot and customize it as you like. Just drag parts to the machine to build the robot. Tap to enter the robot battle and get matched quickly with a fighting machine of your opponent. Surprise opponents by activating and using boosters in battles for dodging attacks, closing in, and dealing extra damage.

Win fights to unlock even more powerful robot parts to climb the ranking high. Equip your machine with brutal weapons and get competitive in the championships. Experiment with variety of robot builds to find the perfect robot fighter with more than 50 thousand robot combinations awaiting you.  Fight and compete to get ultimate championship title of the game.

Download the game now on App Store to create your robot fighting machine and compete in the arena!

App Store Download Link: Megabot Battle Arena