7 Reasons Mobile Casino Games Have Become Popular

Mobile phones have become the central device for most people’s online activity in recent years. Mobile apps are currently being developed with high quality and fast loading times. Gaming for cellphones and tablets, in general, has seen a lot of recent growth. 

The same is true about casino games such as slots and table games. The main customer base for online casinos for real money previously was desktop users. 

Lately, more and more people are opting to use their mobile devices for their online gambling entertainment. This article will look at some of the main reasons why this trend took place. 



Desktop computers and laptops have a good-sized screen, which allows the graphics to appear better and gameplay to be enjoyable. The problem with these devices is that they are bulky, and taking them everywhere is not logical. 

With technological advancements, mobile phones can accommodate better graphics than before and have the added convenience of being portable. People take phones everywhere. 

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When you sit in a long queue or are on a long journey, it’s easy to log on to your favourite online casino from your phone. It provides entertainment anywhere. Our casino expert, Lucas Goldberg, makes mention of this convenience in his reviews.



Certain Casino games have fun features that can only be accessed from a mobile device. An example of this is the shake to play feature. This means that to activate play for certain slot machine games for phones,  you need to shake your phone. 

Other convenient mobile innovations include swiping to play and being able to receive push notifications on mobile.


Mobile-only promotions 

Some Casinos offer bonuses and promotions that are exclusively for mobile users. This is an encouraging factor and often prompts desktop users to rather play on their phones and tablets to reap the rewards of these bonuses. Being able to log on to some of the best gambling apps from anywhere also makes clearing these bonuses quick and easy.


Additional Security

To ensure the safety of clients, Online Casinos take various security and protection measures. These are aimed at keeping the personal and financial details of clients safe. 

As a client, you are responsible for taking protective measures as well. Saving casino passwords or login details on your device may be convenient for you, but it comes at a risk. 

Anyone who accesses your device will have access to your information. If something happens and your device is stolen, potential fraud could occur. 

There are added device protection measures available on mobile phones. An example is fingerprint recognition. Hackers may find a way around a password, but your fingerprint can’t be duplicated. 



Playing casino games on a Desktop is fun, but clicking with a mouse distances the player from the game. When you play on a mobile phone, you are required to swipe and touch the relevant icons. This gives play a more realistic feel than clicking with a mouse. 


Development of software 

Being able to access games from online casinos has become easier. Previously, Casinos would give mobile users access to only a portion of the online casino lobby. The number of games mobile users could play was limited. 

Lately, this has changed. Most online casinos have improved their software and HTML formats so that mobile access is granted for the entire lobby. This has been a catalyst for many players to shift their casino activity to mobile. 

Being able to access all the casino games from a portable device makes the experience better. 

It also benefits casinos, because granting more access to mobile users results in higher traffic for their site and ultimately higher revenue.

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Mobile Apps 

Besides gaining access to complete casino lobbies, players can also download casino apps. Some casinos have jumped ahead of competitors and created mobile applications that give mobile users the convenience of saving the casino on their phones. 

This makes it easy for casino clients to play their favourite slots or table games without having to search in their browser. It also increases the likelihood of loyalty to a particular casino. 

This is because it will be much easier to open an app that is already on your phone than to have to search for a gambling establishment in your browser. 

Casino mobile apps also usually have a demo mode, where you can enjoy your favourite game without spending real money. Some of these demo games also come in the form of social games where you can connect with friends over social media to play for free. 



People take their phones everywhere. Online casinos allow clients to comfortably entertain themselves on their mobile devices regardless of where they are. The sheer convenience of mobile gaming is the key factor in why it is so popular.

David Harfield
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