Folx A Download Manager for macOS

MacOS users who regularly download files from the Internet should use a dedicated program for that specific task. Safari web browser is adequate if you download small files occasionally. But with Folx, it is easy and manageable to download multiple large files at the same time. The built-in download management utility should be easy to use.

User interface

The Folx is completely free, with a relatively clean user interface. The Retina-friendly UI is simply eye-pleasing. Immediately after opening Folx, users can configure various options, including assigning smart tags and scheduling downloads. Users can make Folx the default download utility for macOS, so it will automatically catch download requests from Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari or other web browsers.

Torrent finder and download

Torrent Finder is a major feature of Folx. With a regular web browser, it is awkward or even not possible to download files from torrent platforms. Folx supports searching through various torrent trackers at once. When the right torrent is discovered, users can immediately click the Download button to get the file. It comes with a tagging feature that makes it easier and quicker to download torrents. If Folx is handling multiple torrent downloads, users can prioritize certain torrents, so they will be downloaded first. Folx also supports magnet links. When you find a magnet link in the web browser, just click it and Folx will open immediately. It is a very convenient way to download torrent and this makes Folx a fully functioning client for torrent downloads. With it possibly being the best uTorrent on the macOS Catalina software.

Features for Pro version

If you are using the free version of Folx, it is possible to upgrade to Pro version and it costs $20. Pro version users can split a large file to up to 20 threads. This will speed up the downloading process if your Internet connection is fast enough. If you are sharing a Wi-Fi connection with family members or co-workers, you can limit the download speed of Folx. This will ensure that other users at home or office can still access the Internet at an acceptable speed. The free version includes a basic scheduling feature and the Pro version allows you to determine what to do after the download is completed. You can tell Folx to switch Mac to sleeping mode, shut down the system, or just close Folx. It will be useful if you want to download a large file overnight.

Users can tell the Pro version of Folx to automatically download videos and music to the Music app. They will be arranged based on assigned tags. If a website requires authentication before starting the download, the Pro version can remember usernames and passwords. So, when users want to download more files from the website, the download process will start immediately and there’s no need to enter username and password. The Folx also keeps passwords for HTTP and FTP websites. The Pro version makes it easy to download videos and users can decide what video format to choose. Certain videos can be protected or age-restricted to limit access if the Mac is shared with other users. There’s also the option to download only the sound component of the video.


Just like any download manager software, Folx ensures faster download speed. With up to 20 download threads, Folx fully optimizes the available Internet access. With the scheduling option, the download can start at 11 PM when everyone is going to bed at home or 6 PM at the office when people already go back home. This will allow users to download large files with ease, without causing any connection disruption. After completing downloads, users can clear the list on Folx to keep things organized. If you regularly download files, Folx is a highly recommended software. It is a full-fledged download manager with full browser integration. The built-in torrent client is usable with the ability to search for torrents and support magnet links. The user interface is modern and clean, making it highly intuitive. The Pro upgrade is affordable and it allows users to download files faster, manage scheduling behavior, and download videos from YouTube. For any macOS users who regularly download files, the Pro version of Folx should be an excellent investment.