Transfer Files between Mac and Android with MacDroid

It’s quite well known that Apple’s garden is closely guarded and accessible only by iOS and macOS users. It means, sharing files between Android and macOS devices isn’t possible using normal methods. While it’s very easy to integrate macOS and iOS devices, the same can’t be said of any device with Android OS. Without a special tool, users often resort to transferring files through email attachment or cloud. These indirect methods are not convenient. MacDroid makes it hassle-free and seamless to transfer files between Android and macOS. Not all Mac users prefer the iPhone and they choose Android devices instead. For these people, MacDroid should be incredibly helpful for them.


MacDroid is designed as a tool that makes transferring files easier. For this reason, the interface has a simple and easy to understand design. Users can immediately see all connected devices. When an Android device is connected, users can open the internal storage and the memory card. The hard drive and SSD of the Mac are accessible as well. Users can browse folders and files easily. This makes transferring files between these storage media very easy to do. There are categories that make it easy to organize files.


MacDroid offers full USB support, so it will be easy to access any file. All MTP and Android devices are supported as well. Users have the ability to make limited changes in the files, including renaming the files and folders. With Single Operation Mode, it is easy to get connected to Android devices, and this mode support MTP devices as well. With Multi Operation Mode, users can be guaranteed to get faster transfer of files. MacDroid is available for free and it comes with complete features to transfer files from Android devices to Mac. However, the ability to have Android files transfer to Mac is available only in the Pro version. Customer support and automatic supports are not available in the free version of MacDroid.

Steps to transfer files

First of all, users need to make sure that MacDroid is fully installed on the Mac. After that, they are all set to start transferring music, videos, photos, and any kind of files between Android and Mac through a USB cable connection. After both devices are connected, users need to open the MacDroid and look for Devices option. From there, it is straightforward to establish a connection. From the Android device, access by the Mac must be granted. It is recommended to choose the ADB connection and MTP connection is also available. Depending on the Android device model, users need to follow the right step. After access between both devices is granted, users need to go to “Finder” to start transferring files. It is not necessary to install any app on the Android device. However, the USB debugging mode must be enabled on the Android device. This mode can be accessed in the Developer menu. In some Android devices, the developer menu isn’t immediately found in the Settings. You may need to tap the build number of the Android a few times or check the About section of the phone. It’s different for some Android models, so you need to check the right method for that. Once users enable the USB debugging mode, they will be prompted to plug in the device. In order to keep things easily connected, users need to make sure USB Debugging is always enabled for the Mac.


MacDroid works really well to transfer files between Mac and Android devices. The software is compact and highly useful. If properly configured, the transfer of files should work seamlessly. It is recommended to use Mac OS X Yosemite or newer versions. MacDroid should provide the capabilities needed to ensure glitch-free transfers of files. It is highly recommended to get the Pro version. Users can get a one-week free trial and after that, the transfer from Mac to Android is disabled. Only file transfer from Android to Mac is enabled with a free version of the software. For enterprise users or those who regularly transfer media files, the Pro version is affordable at only $1.67 per month. For many people, this should be incredibly cheap for such a useful utility. With the Pro version, users can also get regular patches and supports.