The Biggest Minecraft Update Ever is Released for Android and iOS

Microsoft has been developing the Nether Update for quite a long time. Without doubt, it’s the biggest ever update for Minecraft and it’s coming not only for Android and iOS devices, but also for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows PC. Depending on the platform you use to play the game, there are different set of fixes, changes, improvements and new features. As a major update, the Nether Update delivers a completely new world with unique blocks, mobs and biomes. Players will find Netherite in the new world, a very powerful material that’s stronger than diamond. Current Minecraft players can go to the new world by completing the Way of the Nether Quest and it can be downloaded for free in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Players will be told to go to the Poppy Isle to find a dimensional rift that takes them into the new world called Nether. There are four different locations (biomes) in the new update, Basalt Deltas, Soulsand Valley, Warped Forest and Crimson Forest. There are unique mobs too like Hoglins and Piglins. Since Buzzy Bees, the previous major update for Minecraft, the Nether Update delivers more than three hundred bug fixes. Also new ambient sounds and music are available. There are various new features that players can enjoy like Lodestone, Respawn Anchor, Blackstone, Bastion Remnants, Ruined Portals and others. For more information, players can check complete changelog to see new things that the Nether Update is offering. Here are changes and improvements that the Nether Update is offering:

  • Performance: Minecraft already offers good performance for most devices and the Nether Update offers a few more improvements. The animation will be smoother when players break plenty of kelp plants and keyframe animation playback is optimized as well.
  • Gameplay: Flowing lava can now push entities and knockback resistance is no longer a probability, but a scale instead. If Minecart hoppers are destroyed by ranged attacks, they will drop hopper item. When users interact with minecart hopper, the hopper screen will be opened and it won’t block other screens. When dispensers are automatically crafted, enchanted bows won’t be consumed. When players equip Turtle Shell, they can no longer swim under blocks and breathe underwater. After being exploded, TNT is no longer considered as normal item. When tools break, they will make noise appropriately. Snow blocks will now melt when magma blocks are placed on top. When players kill mobs with lingering potions, they will drop uncommon loot and XP. It will be smoother now when players transition from swimming to running. Explosions within water will inflict damage.
  • Graphical: There are various graphical fixes and improvements to make gaming experience better. Now, fire on half-slabs are fully visible. When baby foxes hold items, they will render properly. When cakes are partially consumed, they will show the right texture states. When items are removed from the furnace, they will no longer flash green.

These are just a small list of changes, fixes and improvements offered by the Nether Update and you can find read the official changelog for more details.