Why PlayStation 4 Users Should Immediately Switch to PlayStation 5?

Remaining PlayStation 3 owners have been saving for PlayStation 5 and they would be eager to finally make the big upgrade. But for many PlayStation 4 users, they are quite hesitant. They are wondering whether PlayStation 5 is game-changing enough to warrant an upgrade. The PlayStation is a very successful gaming console with various iterations, including standard, slim, and pro versions. For a couple of years after the release of PlayStation 5, there should still be ample of new games for PlayStation 5. However, PlayStation 4 will start to miss out on new advancements.

The most striking difference would be the visual appearance of the console. The PlayStation 5 looks sleek with its black and white design, while regular PlayStation 4 just looks all black.  With the accenting blue LED strips, PlayStation 5 will surely turn many heads. It stands vertically, making it stand out more in any home entertainment center. For some people, this is a good enough reason to turn to PlayStation 5. The 4K Blu-Ray optical disc is also a nice upgrade compared to the PlayStation 5 with a regular Blu-Ray drive.

PlayStation 5 surely looks amazing, but ultimately, it is about gaming. Sony will release new games for PlayStation 5 immediately after the official launch, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Another big advantage is that PlayStation 4 users can keep playing their old games in PlayStation 5. In reality, it’s still quite a challenge for developers to port older games to PlayStation 5, but there should be some improvements in the future.

Another good reason to upgrade is the DualSense controller and it’s a real improvement over the current DualShock controller for PlayStation 4. The DualSense controller is known for its sleek and white design. There are some new upgrades, including the adaptive trigger buttons and built-in haptic feedback. These features will improve the experience when playing games.

Regular and slim PlayStation 4 supports up to 720p resolution and 1080p for PlayStation 4 Pro. After the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, 4k gaming will become the new normalcy. Future console games will have 4k as standard resolution and the whole experience will be very different, especially for PlayStation 4 owners who still use 720p resolution. The graphics will be far less sharp, especially if there are many small readable characters in the game. The graphical upgrade may not be as substantial between PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 2, but it will be quite discernible. Very compelling evidence is the impressive footage of Unreal Engine 5 demo, which was taken from a PlayStation 5 unit.

Another huge upgrade is the use of SSD as the primary storage unit for PlayStation 5. Compared to the hard disk drive, the change would be dramatic. The hard disk drive of PlayStation 4 loads 1GB of data in about 20 seconds. On the other hand, the SSD of PlayStation 5 could load 1GB of data in just 0.15 seconds.