Flyp – Sell Your Used Clothes 


You are looking to sell some used clothes but don’t know where to start looking for customers? No worries, there are apps nowadays that can help you out. We looked and found one amazing clothes selling app for people that like to sell their used clothes with a help of a pro seller and still earn money from each sale. Read and learn more about Flyp.


What is Flyp?

Flyp is a convenient clothes selling app that is developed for IOS users, especially designed to help people easily and quickly sell their used clothes, shoes and handbags without wasting much time and effort. The app is quite easy to use with a clean user-friendly interface, offering you to clean your wardrobe of unnecessary clothes, find a pro to sell them for you and earn money.


Why Do We Love It?

This clothes selling app is offering various practical features that will make selling clothes fast and effortless. All you need to do is to take photos of the used clothes, shoes, and handbags you want to sell. Post the photos on the app and pro sellers will provide you with estimated prices and apply to sell the clothes for you. You can only snap one photo per item.

Choose a pro seller to do the work for you and send the items to him with the app’s free shipping label. The app is safe to use and offers protections of your items. The pro seller will sell the items for you and when the items are sold will pay you out. Become a pro seller and get clothes shipped to you, sell the items, and keep your commission, making profit by selling other people’s clothes.

Download the app now on App Store to find pro sellers to sell your used clothes!

Official Website: Flyp

App Store Download Link: Flyp