Series Makers Tycoon – Live Your Own Directors’ Dream


Simulation games are quite popular among smartphone players that like enjoy a thrilling and fun gameplay that will challenge their skills. It’s a fantastic way to test yourself to see how creative and tactical you can be. We looked and found one super fun simulation game for people that want to live their own directors’ dream. Read more about Series Makers Tycoon.


What is Series Makers Tycoon?

Series Makers Tycoon is an exciting simulation game developed for IOS users, easy and fun to play. This game allows you to live your own directors’ dream and it offers you the chance to develop your first own series. With sharp graphics, stunning design and intuitive controls, in this game you get start as a student and move up reaching big success big building your own series and streaming empire.


Why Do We Love It?

This simulation game offers variety of features and a simulation gameplay that will make you feel like a real director. Start developing your series as you want, experiment with ideas and develop unique combinations of themes and settings. Build stories and construct your characters. As you play and progress you have the opportunity to broadcast your series on a real television channel with new features available like having your own office, hiring stuff, exploring new options and growing your empire.

There are nearly 100 research options to choose from as well as 7 settings and 48 themes for creating different series combinations. When you become successful you can create your own streaming platform and build facilities that bring you bonuses and the chance to unlock entire game mechanics. Advertise your series to make it even more successful and experience the 80s journey conquering the TV world with this game.

Download the game now on App Store to live your own director’s dream!

App Store Download Link: Series Makers Tycoon