ProtectMii – Your Safety and Emergency App


We can watch out for one another much better now that we’re all walking around with GPS devices in our pockets—and now that we have a solid selection of apps that are designed specifically to help and make us feel safe. That’s why we chose to discuss this personal safety app switch that will help you feel safe anytime and anywhere. Read more about ProtectMii.


What is ProtectMii?

ProtectMii is a personal safety app that is developed for IOS users. This app can be really handy in situations like going home at night alone, for your kids that go to school, for relatives in need of care and more. When alarm is triggered, the app will inform all your selected contacts about the emergency or danger situation with all the details they need of your current location so your receive help quickly.


Why Do We Love It?

The app offers wide selection of features to protect your safety and help you in any emergency situation. You get the parachute mode as the most efficient alarm trigger where you don’t need to actively operate your smartphone to get help. With the app you get an additional acoustic signal to cancel any false alarms that were accidently triggered just by entering a personally selected password.

Find and navigate to any precise location easily with the what3words integration and in case of emergency you will have a simple and accurate way to talk about location, no matter where you are. The app’s security server sends your most recent location data even if your phone is destroyed. Your privacy data is protected always and only transmitted to your guards.

Download the app now on App Store to send alerts in case of any danger or emergency!

App Store Download Link: ProtectMii