MediaTek will Soon Release Dimensity 600 SoC

With its Dimensity SoCs series, MediaTek is attempting to bring its solution on par with Qualcomm Snapdragon series. However, smartphone models with Dimensity SoCs are still not commonly found. Even so, the Taiwan-based chipmaker is developing new SoC models. The Dimensity 600 SoC will be the next model launched by MediaTek. We can safely assume that the Dimensity 600 is a scaled-down model of Dimensity 800. It means that the Dimensity 600 SoC is adequate for budget 5G smartphones that will start to emerge later this year and next year.

The Dimensity 600 SoC may compete with Snapdragon 690 5G, which will also offer 5G connectivity for budget devices. The Snapdragon 690 5G offers 20 percent faster processing and 60 percent better graphics performance, compared to its direct predecessor, the Snapdragon 675. It is safe to assume that Dimensity 600 SoC will also be manufactured using the 7nm process, similar to the more powerful Dimensity 800 and Dimensity 1000 SoCs. As comparison, the Snapdragon 690 SoC uses 8nm process. The Dimensity 600 SoC could be consisted of six Cortex A55 cores for efficient processing and two A77 cores for powerful processing. However, this is a less efficient combo compared to the A77 and A55 cores used by the Snapdragon 690 5G.  The Huawei ban has freed up the production capacity of TSMC and MediaTek is able to ramp up the production of its 7nm SoCs. There are also plans that MediaTek will produce 5nm chips in the future for better power efficiency and performance level.

MediaTek’s best solution for 5G-capable chipset for the moment is the Dimensity 1000. It’s an octa-core chipset, combined with Mali-G77 MC9 GPU, integrated 5G modem and hexa-core AI module. Other than support for 5G at sub-6 GHz band, the Dimensity 1000 also offers backward compatibility for 2G, 3G and 4G data connectivity. MediaTek also claims that the Dimensity 1000 is the first chipset with dual-SIM 5G supports. It means, users can put a couple of 5G-capable SIM card into their smartphone. Dual-SIM smartphones are prevalent in many countries, especially in Asia.

MediaTek promises that seamless handover with the Dimensity 1000. The 5G chipset aggregation ensures better average performance and the smartphone can perform smooth and seamless handover when users are moving between two connection areas. The Dimensity 1000 also includes a penta-core ISP (Image Signal Processing) module and Imagiq+ technology. It supports up to 80MP camera sensor. The hexa-core AI module ensures improved camera performance for facial detection, auto exposure, autofocus, noise reduction, HDR and auto white balance. The Dimensity 1000 also supports the first ever capability for multi-frame video HDR.

Chipset supports up to Full HD+ display at 120Hz refresh rate or 2K+ display at 90Hz. For video playback, devices with Dimensity 1000 chipset can play 4k videos at 60fps. It is quite interesting that chipset manufacturers are able to deliver an ever-increasing improvement. Even for budget devices, performance is getting much better and users can have better experience in gaming, photography, video recording and general smartphone usages.