Voidspace – The Thrilling Space Role Playing Game


Roleplaying games are quite popular among smartphone players that like enjoy a thrilling and fun gameplay that will challenge their skills. It’s a fantastic way to test yourself to see how creative and tactical you can be. That’s why we looked and found one super thrilling space roleplaying game you need to try. Read more about Voidspace.


What is Voidspace?

Voidspace is a super exciting role playing game  developed for IOS users that like to explore the space, survive, and thrive in the uncharted area of space. The game offers stunning 2D top-down environment, sharp graphics and cool space sounds effects. The IOS version is currently available through testflight but it will soon be released but you can download and try the desktop version and play in the browser.


Why Do We Love It?

This game is in the Void, the uncharted area of space, this game offers you to explore the space environment, get your bearings and discover who else is in there and do what you have to do to survive. Explore, trade, invent, build, survive and thrive, research new ideas, gather materials from asteroids and ships to create equipment and gear for your own spaceships and structures.

Bringing you a limitless multiplayer experience in an enormous game world you can discover other player outposts and join groups for security. Gain control over space areas and benefit from the areas by keeping them safe. Grow crops for food to keep your character healthy and also build and manage your energy. Build an outpost for other players to use your facilities for safety, trade, research and more. The possibilities are endless with this game.

Download the game now on App Store to survive and thrive in the uncharted area of space!

Official Website: Voidspace

App Store Download Link: Voidspace