Should I Hire a SEO Company For my Tech Company?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and ever-evolving practice dedicated to helping websites rank higher in organic search engine results thereby increasing their traffic. SEO efforts are necessary for any modern business, but whether you’ll need to hire a team of experts will depend on your goals and what you can put in. There are plenty of case studies and results that show how much an SEO company could potentially help your organization, but you’ll generally need to lay some groundwork yourself. You need to know the kinds of potential customers you’re looking to attract, you need a functional website for your business, and it’s a good idea to do at least some basic research into SEO yourself.

If you understand the basic concepts of keyword research and user intent, link building, and page speed, you’ll have a much better idea of whether you can handle some SEO efforts in-house and what exactly you’ll need an expert’s help to accomplish. Here are some of the best reasons to hire an SEO company.

You Just Need Technical Help


If you already know how to earn backlinks, are creating original keyword-laden content (such as new articles, blog posts, and videos) for your business, or know how to effectively engage with your audience on social media, then you’re well on your way to creating an effective SEO campaign. Even doing something as simple as creating a free Google My Business listing is a great starting point that can give you, and an SEO agency, something to work with.

There are so many methods for improving your rankings, with new ways being thought of all the time, that it can be hard for an agency to know where to start if you haven’t put in effort internally. You need a direction to start achieving meaningful results, and an SEO company is perfect for handling the technical side of things. They can help you increase your page speed, optimize your site for mobile devices, or even help you with a new design for your site. An SEO agency is perfect for taking your existing efforts to the next level.

You Want Long-Term, Practical Results

SEO experts make the most sense for companies looking for long-term success and who are willing to wait to climb the rankings using best practices. An agency can look at your current efforts and suggest ways to improve them all while ensuring you stay compliant with Google algorithms and avoid potential Google penalties. It can take months to see a noticeable improvement in your rankings, especially if you’re going for those coveted first-page results. If you’re looking for more short-term gains, at least for now, then paid advertisements may make more sense for you.

A good SEO agency will also explain how they’ll help you outside of rankings: increased traffic, conversions, and increased revenue are even more important, after all. When choosing your SEO experts, make sure you have a team with a proven track record of providing practical results.

You Want to Know Your Audience Better


Good SEO agencies want to actually learn about your business and what you offer as well as about your customers, how they use your products, how they find your business online, and how you can expand your marketing efforts to reach more customers. Any business owner who wants to succeed should be interested in these points too, and SEO experts can be great resources for insights that would have been difficult to obtain on your own.

The best thing about SEO is that the insights gained from it are permanent. With paid advertising, everything goes away once the campaign is over, but when you create meaningful content that connects with your audience, it stays online for as long as you want it to. Every effective strategy your SEO experts help you come up with is yours to use in perpetuity. You become a trusted source of information for your audience, and you learn how to better solve their problems.