Brain Power: Burning Up – Calm and Addictive Physics Puzzle Game 


Did you know that playing games can help you keep your mind sharp – while having fun? All you need is the right game for you to relax, put your brain to work and train your mind, activating your full brain power. We looked and we found one calm and yet addictive physics puzzle game that will challenge your brain with each puzzle you try to solve. Read more about Brain Power: Burning Up.


What is Brain Power: Burning Up?

Brain Power: Burning Up is  calm, simple and quick paced physics puzzle game that is developed for Android users, designed for all puzzle lovers that like faced paced games that will activate and challenge your brain power. The game offers simple controls, just touch and draw while powering up your brain with each puzzle you try to solve. You are offered the regular and premium game version.


Why Do We Love It?

The game objectives offer you to light up the candle with the firing ball by hammers that break glass blocks, timer bombs with weight and a pencil to draw lines. Just light up the candle with various creative ideas and try to use your full brain power. The game is offering 60 levels that will put your brain to work. Clear each level, earn points and use those to acquire more background skins.

The premium version of this game is offering much more features. With the premium version you get no automatic ads, no banner ads only the reward ads that you can choose to watch or not. Also more background skins are available with this version for you to gain acquire by score and get 1.5 times more score in each level. Activate and challenge your brain power to complete all the levels you can in the game.

Download the game now on App Store to put your mind to work to solve the physics puzzles!

App Store Download Link: Brain Power: Burning Up

App Store Download Link: Brain Power: Burning Up Premium