How the iPhone Established Itself as the Stage of Bingo’s Big Comeback

Once a game of crowded halls, changing times forced bingo to adapt. New public legislation and a lack of adaptability saw this goliath of an industry hit hard in the 90s and 00s, with a seemingly insurmountable mound of problems propping up to send bingo into decline.

While some saw it as a direct competitor, it turns out that the rise of online bingo helped to spread engagement with the game, seeing several new players come into bingo and then wanting to play it live. This effect was accelerated ten-fold when online bingo became mobile bingo, with iPhones being at the forefront of the big bingo comeback.

Quality of apps, ease of use, and on-the-go access

Bingo just so happens to have made its most significant return to prominence in two of the biggest markets for iPhones, the UK, and USA. The widespread adoption of the premium model of the mobile scene is essential for two reasons, the first of which is that people use mobiles to the extent that getting a pricey iPhone is a viable option. The second is that being able to buy the top phone on the market often means that one has money to spend – which is why iOS users typically spend thrice as much as Android users on apps.

Having a mobile presence was a big deal for the traditional pastime looking to make a comeback, with doing so effectively opening up its audience from locals to entire countries. Running particularly well on Apple devices from iOS 9.0 onwards, online bingo now offers all of the games from the site via its mobile app. All of the live and ongoing bingo rooms, new slots like Blown Away and Rhino Rampage, and the Champions of Valhalla super slot are all conveniently accessed through the dedicated app. A lack of convenience helped to see bingo stumble on land, but a stark increase in accessibility of high-quality bingo has ushered in its comeback.

Becoming a gaming platform of its own

Source: Unsplash

Apple didn’t intend as such, but over the last decade, the App Store became more and more an access point for people to play games, with iPhones subsequently becoming the best way to game on-the-go. When people get an iPhone, one of the first things that they do is browse the App Store and, usually, download some games. People now associate the devices with quick-access, fun, and casual gaming.

This aura around the latest models as offering the best mobile gaming experience is why bingo had to create an Apple gaming app and why people look for the app when they want to play. In fact, Apple has since realised the incredible gaming space that its iPhones have created, with the company launching its own subscription-based platform of premium games, the Apple Arcade. Now, with its stance as a leading provider of top-class gaming, even more people see iPhones as the perfect place to play their bingo and slot games.

iPhones allow people more inclined to play paid games to get easy access to the fully-packed online bingo app, with the Apple device’s established standing as a provider of games making it the go-to device for enjoying the classic game of numbered balls.

Featured image: pixabay