FACTO – The All-Inclusive Lifestyle App


Nowadays with the right app on your phone is easy to discover and shop for the products you need, hire professionals, book services and much more. However, there are not many apps that offer you to do this with just one app on your phone. We looked and found one all-inclusive lifestyle app for you to shop, network, and much more. Read more about FACTO.


What is FACTO?

FACTO is one super convenient all-inclusive lifestyle app that is developed for IOS users, offering all you need in one place, at reach for you at any time with just a tap on the app. With an intuitive user-friendly interface, the app offers online shopping, a network marketplace, on-demand services, live streaming, travel search engine and more. Find anything you need instantly with the help of the app.


Why Do We Love It?

The app allows you to shop for services and products of great quality with optional cost effective prices. The network marketplace offers you to network, book, and hire real businesses on the go, finding remote professionals nearby or globally or sell your services to potential clients. Hundreds of qualified local, national, and global experts are available within the app.

The travel search engine allows you to search for last minute flight and hotel deals with reasonable prices, book, and even call for nearest FACTO drivers in your area. The room key community is a two sided platform for booking living spaces for travelers or listing your own space as an owner and earning rental money. Enjoy the app’s live music and video streaming services. With a built in radius feature get access to over 700 places to go. Use the F-Pay digital wallet to send and receive money transfers faster and cheaper.

Download the app now on App Store to find all products, services and anything you need at one place!

Official Website: FACTO

App Store Download Link: FACTO