TaxFox – Keep on Top of Your Tax Return


Tax season is a tough time of year for many folks and can take plenty of your time and effort to be done right. However, there are some other tools, methods of tax prep, and expense tracker stuff that is infinitely useful for those who prepare their own taxes. We looked and one of tax tracking app to help you stay on top of your expenses and tax return. Read more about TaxFox.


What is TaxFox?

TaxFox is a convenient finance tool designed as a tax tracking app, developed for IOS users. With the help of this simple to use but efficient app you get more tax refund, not missing to claim your tax deductible expenses. It’s a great tool to help reduce tax for individual tax payers, DIY tax return lodgers, and entrepreneurs. Keep yourself organized and on top of your tax return.


Why Do We Love It?

The app gives you smart tips for tax refund and even if you work from home you can log in the days when you worked from home, save your work from home expenses, see automatic calculations from home hours. Get the average deductions being claimed in your occupation or others. No more FOMOOR, with the app you can avoid the end of the year frenzy and screen whenever FOMOOR sets in to make sure you’re claiming your checklist of items to maximize your tax refund.

The app’s dashboard, charts and auto calculators automatically calculate estimated tax refund and growth over time. Get all the information ready in the app for evidence at all times. All your documents are saved and updated in the cloud. Keep it smart and stay neat by uploading images, taking photos, adding documents. Export tax info, summary, and receipts to your tax agent to save on accounting costs and time. The app uses a 256bit SSL bank level encryption and your personal information won’t be shared with others, store your information securely in the cloud and access it at any time.

Download the app now on App Store to keep yourself organized and on top of your tax return!

App Store Download Link: TaxFox