Meet – The Video Chat Marketplace for Professionals and Customers


Do you want to earn by offering your professional services online? Do you need help discovering professionals and experts that offer services you need? Look no more. We looked and found one paid video chat marketplace that connects professionals that offer services of various kinds and customers looking for services online. Read more about Meet.

What is Meet?

Meet is a paid video chat marketplace that is developed for IOS users and it’s completely under your control. This business marketplace is specially designed for all professionals, experts, influencers, artists, consultants and freelancers. Customers can come and get professional servicers or advice on a one on one video meeting and professionals can use the app to meet customers.


Why Do We Love It?

This marketplace offers features for both professionals and customers. On the app as a professional you get to offer your services to customers on one on one video meetings that are safe and secure for both the professional and the customer. Professionals get to set the price and time down to the minute, accepting ‘’meet’’ requests and scheduling around their available time.

The app fully integrates with your phone calendar and automatically connects and disconnects meetings. Post your availability, accept meetings, and get paid for your services. As a customer on the app you can connect with professionals to request services or advice. Search for experts based on industry, hashtags, people, and niche and request meetings with them without much time wasted with the help of the app.

Download the app now on App Store to find customers or connect with professionals and experts!

Official Website: Meet

App Store Download Link: Meet