Top 3 Video Capture Software Reviews

Video Capture Software Reviews

Video capture software is meant for various works and there is not only one type of video capture software but also more than that. One is meant for downloading the online streaming videos whereas the others are meant for capturing screenshots in motion.

In the market there are some other programs that are pretty similar to video capture software that is video recording software.

The video capture program will capture whatever things that are appearing on your computer screen while the video recording is using the recording technology to record your computer screen.

So, since it’s very similar often we just treat both types programs the same as their functionalities also almost the same


The Recommended Video Capture Software

As the video capture and video recording software is very similar in functionalities, thus we introduce the following programs for your references.

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder

We pick this as the best video capture software considering it features, reliability and price. This is a great option for you to create video tutorials and the app can record both video and audio simultaneously.

After capture the video, you also can use the build-in video editor to do the editing and adding effects before finalizing for output files. The recorded video can be save in various formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, JPG, GIF and more.

Another great option is that you can set specific date and time to schedule your recording of any favourite’s sports or games.


  1. Camtasia

This is one of the most prevailing video software in the market with plenty of powerful features. In fact, it’s not just a video capture application; you also can use it to record and edit video to produce a greater video output.

This program comes with intuitive interface and it’s designed for different level of users especially intermediate and professional video guys. There are so many advanced features available on the programs.

One of the highlight of this tool that seldom available on their competitors is that the library of templates, including premade video and audio that can fasten your video creation. So, it’s definitely a program that worth to take a look.


  1. Bandicam

This is a computer recording or capture software that is suitable for general used especially for video gaming recording. Of course you also can use it for other purposes like capture the academic lessons, webinars, tutorials and more.

This is one of the free software that you can do the recording up to 10 minutes with watermark. If you feel that it’s an ideal program, then you can upgrade to the paid version.

The premium version let all users like Youtubers, filmmakers, etc to record high quality video including (4K/UHD) while utilising very less of your computer resources. It’s quite easy to use and you also can do real-time screenshoot or drawing with Bandicam.


Why to Use Video Capture Software?

As the video capture programs are getting more and more popular, let’s find out why people use the video capture software for accomplishing various needs.

1.) For online videos (Entertainment)                                                      

What happens when you fall in love with some video on some online video sites like Youtube, Metacafe or Dailymotion? Perhaps you take a chance of downloading it and saving it on your hard drive.

However, you will fail in that case and the reason is quite known. The online video streaming sites usually do not keep the option of direct download. The only way out, is taking the help of additional software like video downloader or video capture software.

When you ask why to use video capture software while downloading streaming videos? The answer is without a doubt would be the lack of download option attached with the online streaming videos.

2.) Spreading knowledge (Education)

There is software which is meant for capturing videos of your computer screen. In other words, they are capable of capturing motion screenshots like online trainings, tutorials, webinars and more.

In case you need to educate others about the procedures of certain computer processes, you can do that via your motion capturing software. These videos are saved immediately and you may redistribute it immediately via CDs, DVDs, or upload on the internet through the various video sharing sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.

This type of video capture software is a bit different from the online video downloading or capturing software. However, the utility of this is no less than the normal software.

3.) Backup your DVDs or CDs

Another usage of this type of program is whenever you want to backup your favourite movies or DVDs, you can use this recording program to do it.

Although the best program for DVD backup is using the DVD ripper, but if you want to save cost, the capture software also can help. Just the output quality may slightly drop if you use the video capture application.

4.) Training others for games

You will often find on various sites that there are videos of played computer games. For example, tough stages in various games can be crossed by seeing one such guide.

These guides are not made by some company but by the common gamers who capture their game playing screenshots via some video capturing software. This is how you will also be able to make such guide videos if you are also some such gamer who can play well and would like to share your playing techniques with others.

These videos can also win you prizes as the best playing strategy awards are given out by many websites and organizations every year. At times the games start malfunctioning and result in working abnormally, which is a very good thing to look and laugh at. So you can share such videos with others and allow them to laugh along with you.



The video capture software exists for their reasons. In the market there are many free as well as premium software that you can use to achieve your purposes. If you are serious, I highly recommend you get a paid software to avoid any disappointment.

The three premium software that we recommend in this article is worth for you to take a look if you are looking for a great video capture software.