Trumania Helps You Make & Use Your Recorded Media as Evidence while Also Being a Unique Social Media App

When you take a photo or record a video your phone creates date and time evidence. However, with little photoshop and editing, the date can be altered. Then there is the use of filters and photoshop editing that can change the true & real photo. After all, we are all tired of fake photos and videos, edited and filtered.

Today we introduce you to an iOS & Android appTrumania, that impressed us with its functionality, features, and idea. Trumania is designed to be the first-ever truth social media & evidence cam. Meaning you can use the app to create verified photo and video evidence or to share no filter media with users worldwide.

Features & Uses

Once you install the app you can take a photo or record a video with no possibility to use any filters or edit it. So it will showcase what the camera see. The app then adds verified ID, date & location that is kept on their servers. This is verified evidence that the photo or video was taken at that time without any filters. Then you can make the content private and keep it on your phone, or you can also share it with other Trumania users or post it on other social networks, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – the size of the photo/video will be automatically adjusted to these social networks.

This means that you can use the app in a variety of ways. If you need to prove a certain event (for example for a legal case or insurance), you can use it to create evidence. Additionally, Trumania can be used to record private or live events without any filters. All those fans of no filter photography & videos can use it as a social network to post or view amazing content in a variety of categories.

This is a new social network of truth, it has just started working, so do not be surprised by the small number of publications. Soon it will become very popular.

If you are interested in this amazing concept, you can try the apps for free or check out their website featuring tons of unique real photos and videos in different categories.