Feedny – Socialize and Learn 


Want to create polls and learn more on topics that interest you by getting honest and relevant opinions of others? All you need is the right app on your phone. That’s why we are introducing you to one social networking app that will allow you to have fun socializing and learning by creating polls, asking questions and getting answers on topics that you are interested in. Read more about Feedny.


What is Feedny?

Feedny is a social networking app that is developed for IOS users, easy and fun to use, giving you the chance to socialize and learn. With this app you can create polls and get opinions from people on any topic that interests you. Ask questions and get honest opinions and answers, educate yourself and help other users get answers and opinions with ease.


Why Do We Love It?

The app gives you the ability to create polls with ease using pictures. You can put up to 4 photos for your public polls, creating online polls in less than a minute. By creating polls you can easily get opinions on any topic you are interested in. Ask questions and get answers with this voting app.

The community of Feedny features influences and experts of different categories that will give you relevant advice and answers. Have fun while learning, view the app’s home page, vote on public voice polls, like and comment on posts, exploring questions and answers on topics you like to know more about. Poll and compare results, limit questions to certain locations or areas, follow users, discover new people and much more with this app.

Download the app now on App Store to have fun, socialize, and learn!

App Store Download Link: Feedny