SpellBeeStar – Interactive Kids Learning Game for Spelling


Learning games are quite popular among smartphone users, especially when it comes to parents that like to engage their kids and teach them new things. However, among so many of these apps, finding the perfect one for your kid, to gain his attention and entertain him while he is learning can be quite hard. We found one super fun and interactive kids learning game for spelling. Read more about SpellBeeStar.


What is SpellBeeStar?

SpellBeeStar is a fun kids learning game that is developed for IOS users. With this educational tool kids can learn to spell while participating in an exciting spelling bee experience with users all around the word. The kids get to learn how to spell words, learn their meaning and improve their vocabulary through fun and creativity. It delivers a great interactive learning experience.


Why Do We Love It?

The kids learning app features an audible function to make the e-learning a great experience, speaking the words for spelling and then pushing the kid to spell as fast as possible. To win, the player needs to reply quickly to stay in the game and beat the other competitors. If you misspell a word, the app lets you know so you can work on it. Each spell bee event requires at least 2 participants and 20 at most.

You can train against virtual players if you don’t want to compete too. The app also gives kids a spelling test and a study mode function for quickly challenging spelling abilities in a simulated classroom settings. With the spelling test, a whole word needs to be spelled and with the study mode only partial words. There are 3 skill levels to choose from and there are also hints with words definition to help you when you are stuck. Your kids get to enjoy and have fun while learning and competing to improve their vocabulary.

Download the game now on App Store to let your kid have fun and learn to spell!

Official Website: SpellBeeStar

App Store Download Link: SpellBeeStar