Resolve Conflict and Issues With the ‘Jury’ App – Review

Have you ever been in a dispute with a family member or friend? And somehow, no matter how hard you try you cannot come to a reasonable solution to the problem. Sometimes there are disputes so serious that you wish you could do it in a courtroom. But, due to legal cost and the fact that the person you are challenging is close to you, you wouldn’t want to put them through that.

There’s now an app call Jury that allows you to reach a settlement for arguments, legal matters, or other disputes you may have. The app allows you to choose 6 random Jury from across the world who agrees to listen and cast their votes on who has won the argument. With the Jury app, each party is able to upload evidence such as photos, documents, emails, and exhibits to support their cases such. It’s difficult to find people that are neutral that will sit and listen to your argument. Whether you need help to settle a serious case or where to go on holiday, Jury is perfect on getting a verdict. You can also do jury duties within the app, which can be fun.

Jury can save you a lot of time and headache in making a decision. Why stress yourself when you can get a verdict from people who are willing to listen to your argument and help you come to the right arrangement. Even though there’s no guarantee that everyone will agree to the verdict, you will at least get some logic and fairness from a bunch of individuals that want to help.

Jury is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can get more information at