Calendar.AI: Business Calendar Review

For people with a busy lifestyle, they need to complete never-ending tasks. They often use multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. Dealing with social media feeds from colleagues, important calls, to-do lists, reminders, and constant emails can be overwhelming. Among the best solutions available is Calendar.AI, which is a calendar-centric app for iPhone. As a calendar app for business professionals, it synchronizes emails, voice calls, and calendar entries. Just like any calendar and scheduling app, you can also add new tasks and notes for each entry.

There are many things you can do with Calendar.AI. You can schedule voice calls and learn more about contact profiles. You can peek into current schedules and create new meetings. Users can make personal notes when needed. Calendar.AI should significantly boost efficiency. The app arranges details for important meetings and works calls. Business owners may tell all employees to install Calendar.AI on their smartphones because this app is completely free. This will allow all employees to synchronize details, which will improve their productivity. The app also has a phone number directory, so it’s easier for business professionals to collaborate with co-workers. Before a meeting, the Calendar.AI allows employees to check the invited attendees. Their social media activities, profiles, and email exchanges can be examined to know whether the participants will attend the meeting. This feature should work much better if all participants install Calendar.AI.

This app comes with an AI-based structure that schedules and reschedules meetings. Meeting details can be synchronized and everyone can get more complete information. There are various benefits that business employees can get by using Calendar.AI:

  • Relevant information: The AI-based system gathers the most relevant information for users. The app collects social media updates, profiles, and other details that are relevant to users. It’s a truly smart calendar app that provides so much more
  • Easy scheduling: Business professionals need to get fully organized and it’s possible only with reliable scheduling. If co-workers use this app, they can synchronize schedules and other important details. This will save time and it’s not necessary for them to manually send details through emails or instant messaging.
  • Intuitive interface: Calendar.AI has a straightforward interface that’s easy to use.
  • Cross-platform supports: Calendar.AI is a free app for iOS and Android. For iPhone or iPad users, they can still synchronize and collaborate with users of Android smartphones.

Here are features that users can get from Calendar.AI:

  • Highly functional calendar: You can add company logos, photos, and job titles to the calendar agenda. Users can get detailed insights into each meeting attendee, including their photos, social profiles, and employment history.
  • Meeting scheduler: Users can set availability and allow attendees to decide the most appropriate time to perform a meeting. It also supports online meetings through Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.
  • Capable agenda: Users can create an unlimited number of new calendars. Weather forecasts will be automatically integrated into the agenda. Users will be notified of bad weather that may affect the meeting.
  • Integrations: Users can integrate accounts with Outlook calendar, Office 365, and Google Calendar.