Puzzle Games That You Should Play On Your Android Smartphone Today

Puzzle games are fun for killing some time. There are thousands of puzzle games on the Google Play Store, but not all of them are worth playing. If you are looking for puzzle games that can keep you entertained and interested, here are a few to consider:


Chameleon Run

It’s a combination of auto-runner and puzzle game. Not only that you need to dash and jump across coloured platforms. However, you are allowed only to touch objects with matching colours, which is quite challenging. This game has precise jump controls and you can easily do double jumps. Levels are non-linear, so you can finish them by taking any of the different paths available. The game is quite short and it is good for people who are looking for brief distractions. For $2, you can download Chameleon Run.



When playing Holedown, you need to blast through various celestial bodies, from asteroids to the Sun. It still uses the classic gaming concept of bouncing balls. Each brick can be destroyed as indicated by the number on it. It is easy to understand Holedown, but you need an amount of skill and strategy to properly play it. Bricks have curved shapes and you can use them to do bank shots. There are crystals that you can collect to spend on various upgrades. These upgrades make it easier to complete later levels. If you play this game enough, it is possible to max out stats.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley offers beautiful art design and timeless gameplay with unique ambience. In Monument Valley 1, you need to guide the princess and in its sequel, the Monument Valley 2, you also need to do the same on a bigger scale. Monument Valley is known as a fun puzzle game and players must think outside of the box. Monument Valley 2 offers a similar gameplay, with the same concept of the original, but the scale is more comprehensive.


The Room: Old Sins

In this game, players explore the home of a missing engineer, where you find a few peculiar things. With an eyepiece, you can explore rooms filled with various contraptions and puzzle boxes. It is easy to see that things are quite weird and you need to solve the puzzles. For a mobile phone, The Room: Old Sins is quite an engrossing title. The audio and graphics deliver a nice creepy vibe. You need to unlock various secrets and inspect intricate objects.


Thumper: Pocket Edition

It’s a quite violent for a puzzle game, with gruelling boss battles and intense speeds. They game delivers a sense of impending dread and fear, while matching soundtracks pound your ears. This game should give you a feeling of euphoria and excitement, unlike no other. The game has multiple levels to enjoy, with each game increases in speed and challenge. With this game, your $5 will be well-spent. The experience should be enjoyable with smooth and constant framerate.



This games gives you a unique psychedelic experience with thumping electro music and flashing colours. Previously released for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Vectronom is now available for Android devices. You will be incentivized to revisit levels that you complete and beat them better the next time.