Urbanista London Earphones Great Alternatives to AirPods

I have been testing the Urbanista London Earphones for approximately 3 weeks and found that they are really impressive. So impressive they can easily be the best alternative to AirPods, much cheaper as well. From my gym activity which consists of running and weight training, the Urbanista surprisingly withstands the constant movement and fits snuggly into my ear.  Active noise cancellation (ANC) is one of the biggest trends in the headphones/earphones market. High-quality ANC earphones effortlessly cut out any low-frequency background noise, like busy streets and the gym music that I hate. The earphones have already withstood a few careless drops from me but continue to work perfectly.

The ANC market niche is currently being dominated by Sony and Bose, but various brands, including Urbanista, are quickly catching up. With a pair of earphones, travelling individuals can have a lightweight and compact audio solution. The Sweden-based brand, Urbanista, enters the ANC market with London, a truly wireless earphone product with good ANC capability.  Urbanista uses European cities as the names for its earbuds and London is a proper naming for a pair of earbuds with noise-cancelling feature. London is a busy and noisy city with loud road traffic and rumbling Tube trains. Londoners and urban dwellers in other big cities should find these earbuds effective in cancelling out the cacophony.


London earbuds are angled towards the inner ears, giving them a stylish design and they won’t dangle directly downwards. There are four colour options, dark sapphire, midnight black, rose gold and white pearl. The case which charges the earphones has four small LEDs to indicate the current charge level when the lid is opened. There are also two lights that flash periodically to indicate whether the earbuds are still being charged.


Users can control the Urbanista London with touch-sensitive pads, which are comprehensive in terms of functionality. You can play, pause, adjust volume, make phone calls and activate the voice assistant on a smartphone, just by a few taps on the earphones. However, there’s no ability to skip tracks. When you remove the buds, the audio will pause automatically, which is very convenient. The music will resume when you put the earbuds in. Fortunately, this feature is disabled when you are on a phone call, so you won’t accidentally terminate the call.

Audio quality

Urbanista London offers energetic audio across all music genres. Vocals sound crisp and you can hear the notes clearly. Bass sounds impactful and muscular, although it may feel a bit inadequate in sub-bass category. However, it is more than compensated by the bouncy and full basslines. Microphone quality is acceptable for basic communication requirements, although there could be slight buzz and crackle during online meetings.

Active noise cancellation

Urbanista London offers impressive active noise cancelling (ANC) feature. Although subway train trips won’t be completely silent, the impacts will be more than noticeable. Touch and hold the right earbud for a couple of seconds and the reduction in low-frequency noise level is very evident and distinct. Touch and hold the left earbud for a couple of seconds and ambient noises will be filtered as well.


Urbanista London is currently available for £129 on Urbanista.com, which is quite competitive compared to other wireless ANC earbuds in the market. Similar products from Sony and Libratone will set you back £180 or more.

At the time of writing this article, Urbanista has a 30% discount available on their site. The London earphones aren’t included in the discount, however, there are a number of great earphones and headphones to choose from.