Platformer Games That You Should Play On Your Smartphone Today

Platformer is known for its simple 2D gameplay. It is straightforward to play and considered as a classic form of gaming. Due to its simplicity, platformers work really well with mobile devices. Here are platformer games that you should try today:



GRIS is calming and emotional journey about the personal trauma of a young girl. It offers a wonderful soundtrack and impressive art design. Instead of using cutscenes and dialogues, you need to figure out the storyline by yourself. Based on player’s unique viewpoint, each player may interpret the game in different ways. Other than tackling some platforming actions, players also need to solve some puzzles.


Human: Fall Flat

It’s a fun and hilarious platformer with puzzle elements. The wobbly main character needs to solve challenging puzzles in twelve different levels. The main draw of this game is the ability to grab, throw and climb on just about anything. Even if you are losing the game, it is still fun to play. The one-time purchase is $5, there are no microtransactions and ads, giving players a satisfactory experience.



Oddmar could be an absolute favourite if you love playing platformers. It has beautifully designed opening sequence and gorgeous animated levels. Oddmar offers a level of detail that you don’t see often in mobile games. The main character is an exiled Viking, Oddmar, who is on a journey to redeem himself.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Castlevania franchise is certainly appealing for its nostalgic charm. This game plays really on Android devices. The onscreen controls are comfortable to use. However, it is recommended to use the standard 60Hz refresh rate, because the game doesn’t work well on higher refresh rate. In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you play as the son of Dracula, Alucard, to find Richter.



Dandara is a metroidvania sub-genre game with engaging and beautiful graphics. It tells the story of Dandara who seeks to save her collapsing world. She needs to survive various challenges and meet interesting characters. You can get Trials of Fear, a free expansion that offers new areas, power-ups and a new boss. Available for $6, this game should worth your investment and time.


Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a combination of metroidvania and roguelike sub-genres. On smartphones, Dead Cells have rather tight controls that require a bit of getting used to. This game is quite challenging because it features permadeath, but it should still be exciting enough, once you learn patterns used by the foes. The game is customizable and combat system is varied to suit any playing style.



Grimvalor is an RPG platformer with interesting premise, addictive gameplay and slick combat mechanism. It’s a fun game to play if you have 10 minutes or more to spare. You can gradually level up the character and approach enemies in a more tactical way. The map is fun to explore and there are secrets that you can find. The first act of Grimvalor is free to play and to get a full version, it will set you back $7.