6 Must-have Features For Every Timesheets Software Solution

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn 

William Penn has said well that time is what we all want most in our life, but the thing is – we use it worstly. If you want to make the most of your time, it is a must that you make use of it in the proper manner. But how will you manage things in your company? How are you going to handle your team and their timesheet to ensure that they are making use of the time in the right manner?

Today, most of the companies are moving their things like tracking employees’ hours, making reports, generating bills & invoices, handling projects, note-down daily expenses, and more digitally. Now, companies are not following old-school techniques like pen & paper, forms, time and attendance registers, and files to maintain records of the team.

With the emergence of advanced and feature-rich online timesheet software, companies have moved their day-to-day tasks and operations online. The software solution is mainly designed and developed for enterprises, businesses, startups, and agencies to improve workflow, team management, reporting, payroll processing, and billing & invoicing.

No matter what type and size of company you are running, these types of software solutions are fully customized that can be customized as per your company and its requirements. Moving ahead, let’s discuss the major features that any cloud-based time tracking tool should have.

  1. Time Tracking

One of the main features that the software should have is – time tracking that makes it easy for business owners to track their employees’ total hours, break time, and work hours. Not only this, but it allows the owners and the admin of the business to check how much hours they have spent on the particular task that will help you to check efficiency of your team.

With real time tracking, one can comprehend where the time is wasting and who is the most productive member in the company. As per the results, the company can take decisions on the least working employees and guide them to enhance the work capability.

  1. Add & Remove Expenses

Another important feature that the timesheet system offers is, adding and removing expenses with just a few single clicks. Now, there will be no need for businesses and admin to write every single expense of the company in the papers, files, registers and take care of those files for the years.

The online timesheet software comes with an expense tracking feature, allowing businesses to add daily, weekly and monthly expenses in the timesheet. If you don’t write down in the software, then there are such online timesheet solutions that support uploading receipts, view and submit expenses reports for approval.

  1. Billing and Invoice

With various clients and their on-going projects, it might not be easy for you to generate bills and invoices to share with them. Every project has different requirements, so does rates; therefore, it is better to adopt a high-end online timesheets software that has billing and invoicing features.

Using this feature, you can generate bills and invoices in just a few seconds. No matter the type of services or products you provide, you can manage invoicing your clients from time entries. You don’t have to keep remembering the hourly rates, project price or anything related to the charge as this software will do it for you. Once set up the hourly rates that you are charging and project cost, the timesheet system will automatically generate the bill with complete details.

  1. Customize Reports

The most useful feature that web and mobile-based timesheet apps should provide is customized reports, allowing enterprises, companies, and small scale businesses to generate customized reports in real time.

The business owners can create reports on the expenses, timesheet, employees & their information, total projects, attendance sheet, total bills and invoices, expenses, and more. The admin just needs to select the beginning and ending date to create the report for the particular time and keep track of the overall business.

  1. Projects Management

Having various projects in the company doesn’t mean that your company is successful. If you, as a business owner, manage all the projects, be it new, ongoing, and completed, smoothly, then only your company becomes successful. It is a must that you track all the projects, their progress report, expenses, and time spent on the projects so that you know where to improve to run your company more smoothly.

Thus, a feature-rich time tracking solution allows businesses to manage projects with all the information. From managing project data to its success, the software solution will handle all the important things.

  1. Real-time Updates and Notifications

What if your employee has shared the timesheet from past many hours, but you are unaware of it? What if your team members are waiting for your reply to take the next step on the project? You might wish to get the update and notification in real time so that you can reply to all the team members, clients, and employees instantly.

This is the reason why any online timesheet software should provide businesses and the admin to get all the updates, alerts and updates instantly so that you don’t miss the important ones. You can instantly get back to your customers and employees and answer their queries.

On a Concluding Note

In this blog post, we went through the essential features of an online timesheet software solution that will make tracking employees, clients, generating bills & invoices, and managing projects easier like never before.

So, it doesn’t matter which type of company you are running, you can run your entire company using a single software solution. The solution will help you to save your time and effort that you can spend on other aspects of your company. Once you analyze your company’s requirements and know the software type that you need, you can look for the top selling and advanced timesheet software that will handle almost all the things from the comfort of your home.

After going through this blog, if you have any comment or question, write it down in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.