Breaking Hits – Discover and Rate New Music, Audio, and Video


Thanks to the wealth of quality music apps available for download, your smartphone or tablet can become the ultimate music-discovery tool with the push of a button. For music lovers out there that like to discover new music and artists and even connect with artists to give feedback, we looked and found the app for that. Read and learn more about Breaking Hits.


What is Breaking Hits?

Breaking Hits is a music platform developed for IOS users. With the app you can discover and rate new music, audio, and videos, deciding what’s a hit or a miss. The content available is exclusively shared by producers, artists, record labels, and radio stations for you to personally give feedback. Voice your opinion and share content you like while personally connecting with artists worldwide.


Why Do We Love It?

The app is offering variety of features for both influencers and artists. With the app influencers get to discover music by genre, artists, newest and trending, rating and commenting anonymously on music from all genres. Create your profile as a influencer and share your social links, connect with friends and other influencers.

Interact with artist from around the world or locally directly and get points as well as recognition by actively rating and turning others on artist and music you enjoy. Get access to exclusive prizes and giveaways. Artists can use the app to share and manage music for consumer feedback and reward influencers with points for participating. Get real time reports and feedback from influencers and connect with users through the app’s direct messaging feature.

Download the app now on App Store to discover and rate new music, audio, and videos!

Official Website: Breaking Hits

App Store Download Link: Breaking Hits