ABC 123 Kids Tracing & Phonics – The Educational App for Kids


Educational apps are quite popular among smartphone users, especially when it comes to parents that like to engage their kids and teach them new things. However, among so many of these apps, finding the perfect one for your kid, to gain his attention and entertain him while he is learning can be quite hard. We found one educational app for kids full of fun learning games. Read more.


What is ABC 123 Kids Tracing & Phonics?

ABC 123 Kids Tracing & Phonics is a kids educational app for kids from the age of 2 to the age of 5 developed for IOS users. With this app you can make learning fun for your little one as the app offers many mini learning games for kids. It’s designed by teachers as an interactive app with effortless gameplay, that help your kids learn to count, recognize colors, trace letters and much more.


Why Do We Love It?

The app has 18 different mini games, 8 are free and the others can be unlocked by a simple in-app purchase. Kids playing the fun and simple games available can learn to trace letters and numbers, recognize flags, animals, vegetables, vehicles, shapes and colors. The app offers interactive instruments for kids and puzzles for toddlers as well as jigsaw puzzles for older kids.

Math games are also available for kids to learn basic subtraction, addition, counting objects and developing their logic. Kids will learn the shapes of numbers and trace shapes on the screen, matching numbers to objects and sorting numbers in sequence. ABC tracing and matching games are offered for learning shapes of letters, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, and sorting letters in sequence. Kids will have fun identifying words from pictures, choosing correct images based on word and spell word based on images.

Download the app now on App Store to help your kid learn through fun mini learning games!

App Store Download Link: ABC 123 Kids Tracing & Phonics